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What makes a family?

What makes a family? If you ask me, it's love, respect, and safety.

Given the 'unique' nature of my little family, I was looking for a way to explain to my child that sometimes families don't look like the ones on YouTube Kids (a mommy, daddy, a brother and a sister).  As he grows older, he's seeing this repetitive image of a nuclear family, and wondering why it doesn't match up to his own life.

I needed something visual, something realistic, accessible, something simple and in plain language. Something his neurodivergent brain could study over and over to "put the pieces together" himself.

I wanted something that didn't rely on toxic, outdated thinking that family is what you're born into -- and must be loyal to -- no matter what. Something that aligned with our family values and parenting style.

While there are many inclusive books out there on the topic of family, I hadn't seen anything that fit what we needed. So I made it!

Introducing What Is A Family?, an inclusive book that not only explores the types of families that exist all around the world, but also explains the common values that binds them together.

Readers young and old are introduced to different types of families, inclusive of religion, culture, ethnic group, race, gender, age, abilities, etc.

80+ full-color pages, a large, easy-to-read font, and a streamlined, unfussy format allows for a truly accessible reading experience.

Available in PDF download or physical copy.

Rather than 'preaching' or labeling anyone, the book takes a subtle approach, allowing you to adlib and explore each photo with your child.

The tone is upbeat and neutral throughout -- nobody is positioned as better than anyone.

It's simply saying "These are the types of families that exist, and here is what healthy families are built on."

What Is A Family? celebrates families in all their forms, so long as they are respectful, loving, and safe.

I'm extremely proud to offer What Is A Family? as a resource to all families, but especially to those who are not used to seeing themselves represented in mainstream media.

The book even has a page where your child can draw a picture of their own family! (Or paste a picture, if drawing is not an option.)