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Are you finally writing or starting that passion project you've always dreamed of? Launching a website or already have an established brand? I'll come alongside you and tweak your copy 'till it's saying exactly what you need it to say -- error free and never boring!

Feedback and edits can include (depending on the type of writing):

  • Increasing keyword density without making your web-page sound like a robot wrote it
  • Editing for accuracy, typos, flow, tone, style
  • Ensuring your message is reaching the reader clearly
  • Matching your writing to your intent and voice (sometimes copy doesn't match the person or brand, we can fix that!)
  • Checking quality & length of copy, CTAs, etc.
  • Checking for formatting (provided it's a format I'm familiar with)
  • Story/content development, consistency, structure & readability

Keep in mind -- I am not your average editor. I break grammar rules and if you wanted to call me an outlaw of the written word, I wouldn't mind. My focus will be more on making sure your writing says what YOU want it to say and communicates that in a way that your readers will love -- rather than trying to make it look like everyone else's stuff.

*IMPORTANT: This listing is for 2 hours of editing services. The amount of hours you will need will depend on the length of your project.

For example, a screenplay typically takes about 2 hours for a thorough read and edit. A website, just depending on how many pages it is, might be an hour or so.