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Review & Consultation

This in-depth review & consultation is aimed to refresh your business, side hustle, or passion project. I'll review your existing socials, content, website (or whatever other materials you've got) and deliver honest and helpful feedback regarding things like overall strategy, brand voice, keyword/SEO usage, style, flow, CTAs, brand voice and more. Then I'll provide you with actionable advice and feedback to improve your project. (This may include revisions to your website copy or similar direction -- "put this here, move that there", etc.)

Feedback and revisions can be delivered in several ways, including Google Doc, PDF, visual presentation, or a video meeting. (Written communication always preferred!)

The TL;DR version: We'll make sure your project is reaching the audience that matters to you, and that what you're putting out matters to your audience.

P.S. my pet peeve is when a brand's social media content doesn't match their existing style. Why don't any of your fonts match?? Why do none of your colors match?? Why is your website written in a professional tone but your socials are friendly/casual?? LET ME HELP YOU.